ETHERLINE ROBUST Cat.7 FLEX, PROFINET applications, halogen-free, TPE sheath, good chemical and weather resistance.
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  • Outstanding weather, ozone and UV resistance together with the wide temperature range enable versatile use for indoor and outdoor applications
  • Resistant to contact with plant, animal or synthetic-based organic substances, oils, greases, waxes and the related emulsions
  • Good resistance to ammonia compounds and bio-gases
  • Good resistance to cold and hot water as well as water-soluble cleaning and cooling agents
  • Well-suited to steam cleaning

Application range

  • For flexible applications (7-wire stranded conductor)
  • Machine tool building, medical technology, laundries, car washing equipment, chemical industry, composting plants, sewage works
  • Food and beverage industry, especially for production and processing equipment of milk and meat products
  • for industrial secondary and tertiary cabling according to EN 50173-3 ISO/IEC 24702

Product features

  • UV-resistant according to ISO 4892-2
  • Halogen-free materials
  • Good chemical resistance to ester-based hydraulic fluids
  • Ozone-resistant according to EN 50396
  • Low smoke density according to IEC 61034-2

Product Make-up

  • 7-wire bare stranded copper conductor
  • Core insulation: Based on Polyolefin
  • Screening: wrapped with braided tinned-copper wires
  • Outer sheath made of special TPE
  • Colour: black

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