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MCCB - 40A

TS100N FMU 3P 40A 50kA MCCB
LS-0105 0115 00

MCCB - 50A

TS100N FMU 3P 50A 50kA MCCB
LS-0105 0116 00

MCCB - 63A

TS100N FMU 3P 63A 50kA MCCB
LS-0105 0117 00

MCCB - 80A

TS100N FMU 3P 80A 50kA MCCB
LS-0105 0118 00

MCCB - 100A

TS100N FMU 3P 100A 50kA MCCB
LS-0105 0119 00

MCCB - 125A

TS160N ATU 3P 125A 50kA MCCB
LS-0105 0259 00

MCCB - 160A

TS160N ATU 3P 160A 50kA MCCB
LS-0105 0258 00

MCCB - 200A

TS250N ATU 3P 200A 50kA MCCB
LS-0105 0229 00

MCCB - 250A

TS250N ATU 3P 250A 50kA MCCB
LS-0105 0230 00

MCCB - 400A

TS400N ETS33 3P 400A 65kA MCCB
LS-0108 0051 00

MCCB - 630A

TS630N ATU 630A 3P3T (DC Rated for Solar)
LS-0108 0032 00

MCCB - 630A

TS630N ETS33 3P 630A 65kA MCCB
LS-0108 0063 00

MCCB - 800A

TS800N ETS43 3P 800A 65kA MCCB
LS-0111 0023 00

LS Moulded Case Circuit Breakers

Powerful and Reliable MCCBs from LS

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